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Welcome to the QSO Recorder Indexing service (qsordex)!

This site allows radio amateurs to share their contest and DXpedition audio recordings, usually made with the N1MM Logger+ and the Qsorder plugin .

QSO .mp3 files from other recorders can be shared if they are saved according to the Qsorder naming convention. The audio files must be be uploaded to Dropbox.com file hosting service. In the Napster's tradition, this site does not store any files, it only indexes them.

73! K3IT 2020

How to add your own QSOs to the index

  • Register at Dropbox.com, download and install the Dropbox PC client. The free 2 GB Dropbox account can store approximately 12,000 QSOs. Dropbox allows increasing space at the Get more space page.

    Storage beyond 2GB can be added by opening several dropbox accounts (for example, one every year, or one per contest). The paid plan gives 1TB of "cloud" space. Sometimes free or very cheap bonus storage is available as a promotion or on e bay.

  • After the Dropbox PC client is installed and logged in, click Authorize Dropbox to index your QSO files to add a special application folder for storing audio files. You will grant premission to this site to access and index contents of this specific folder.

  • Populate the Dropbox\Apps\QsoRecording folder on your PC with the QSO mp3 files. This folder is located in "My Documents" on most Windows computers. You can also go to Dropbox.com to upload files using the browser to Apps - QsoRecording location.

  • Access your personal search URL after the files have finished uploading. Your QSOs should also appear in the global search results on this page

  • Audio files should be named using the following format: DXCALL_de_OWNCALL_CONTEST_MODE_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_NNMHz.mp3

    e.g. W3LPL_de_V31VP_CQWWSSB_LSB_20171028_062004Z_3.5MHz.mp3

Additional info:

How to embed QSO search on a personal pageĀ»

Adding an 'iframe' to the QRZ page

Use the following syntax for the QRZ.com "bio" page:

   <p>Search YOUR CALLSIGN contest QSO recordings archive:</p> 
   <p><iframe frameborder="0" height="200" src="//qsorder.hamradiomap.com/form/XXXXXXXX" width="880"></iframe></p>                        

Replace XXXXXXX with your personal number from the register page. Also, you can adjust height and width to your taste. Note that the URL in the iframe should not have http: in front of it. This allows the iframe to work from both HTTP and HTTPS pages.

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